Maternity shoot – An adventure is about to begin

Pregnancy is one of life’s most precious and magical experiences, even after the morning sickness, backache and sleepless nights (yes I know, who would have thought you had sleepless nights before your newborn comes) but holding your baby for the first time, is a moment you just can’t beat.

Before welcoming a new baby into your family, your beautiful growing bump is filled with love, little kicks and hiccups. 

You spend hours and hours preparing, nesting and dreaming of what your baby will look like. 

At the time, pregnancy might feel as if it’s going slowly, but it passes by so quickly, and before you know it you are holding that tiny little bundle and yearning for them to be back in your tummy just one last time. 

These are times you do not want to forget, the times when it was just you and your bump, a bond that nobody will ever be able to recreate.

Pregnancy session couple

I absolutely love helping expectant mums to capture this special time in their lives. It’s a time I’ll cherish forever during my pregnancies. I love how I can  look back and show pictures of my bump to my boys, talking about how they grew under my heart. 

They often ask to see these memories. I suppose it is intriguing yet fascinating at the same time, how their mummy’s body brought such a special gift into this world. 

A gift of life, unconditional love and happiness to last a lifetime.

I don’t think you need an excuse to treat yourself to a beautiful maternity session to celebrate this extraordinary time in your life. But it does give you a reason to have a lovely pamper before your session, book in to get your nails done (we all know you can’t reach those toes any more, so have someone do it for you). Have a little hair freshen up or buy a new lipstick. Anything that makes you feel as incredible as you are!

Let me tell you a little more about my sessions (how the maternity shoot looks like)

I allocate around 1 hour and 30 minutes for maternity shoots, this includes portraits with children and partner. 

You can of course bring your own dress attire but I have a wonderful collection of bodysuits, maternity gowns, dresses, floaty fabric etc to dress your bump. There are items provided for a natural lifestyle session. I can prepare the lifestyle set up with a bed etc to recreate bedroom feels. 

I ask for you to bring white, black and nude lingerie for the shoot depending on what style you had in mind for your photographs. 

We talk about what you expect from the session and how you imagine being photographed.

I direct and pose you during the shoot to make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible. 

Some mums are happy to be photographed nude.

Around 1-2 weeks after the session you will be invited back to view your beautiful gallery and to choose your favourite images.

Very often mums come back for a newborn session, calm and relaxed as we would have discussed how they operate during the maternity shoot. (Please see my newborn session blog for all details)



Capturing your pregnancy at any stage is of course wonderful but the Third trimester is best between 28 and 34 weeks, at this point your bump will be showing well. Any later than this and you may find it difficult to pose/stand for periods of time.

Try to get a good nights sleep before your shoot. This will keep you refreshed and relaxed for your day ahead.

Drink plenty of fluids to keep you well hydrated, not only does this help your skin but it will keep you energised throughout the shoot.

Bring snacks – we all know baby will be making you crave the craziest things. This will also help you feel happy and energised.

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