7 of my top Mother’s Day gift ideas

I’ve come up with 7 of my top Mother’s Day gift ideas. Ones that we truly deserve.

With Mother’s Day creeping up on us, I know most of us are secretly hoping for a little break. Even if it’s just 5 minutes of drinking a nice warm tea in a quiet room.

We also wouldn’t have it any other way; loud, messy and full of love from our children.

Mum is looking at her baby smiling in white dress photographed by petit memories photography in Lichfield

Mums are rockstars, we do it all from the school runs, to working, washing piles so high, food on your walls that you cleaned the day before and the 100s of lists you create daily in your mind of things to get done. So sometimes it’s OK to want to have a break from all of this, not that we ever truly switch off.

Mum with her two children, boy and a girl photographed by petit memories photography in Lichfield

I’ve come up with 7 of my top Mother’s Day gift ideas. Ones that we truly deserve.

Number 1- Breakfast in bed made by my boys.

What started off as a cold bowl of cereal, now they are getting older, I’m treated to yummy jam on toast with a nice warm cup of tea (dad’s supervision, of course). 

Letting your child take over a task they see you do daily, really helps develop them. It gives them a sense of control, boosts their self confidence and teaches them a morning routine for when they are older.

Number 2 – Spend the day uninterrupted with your children. 

My most treasured gift.

Being a busy working mum, it’s not often I get to just soak all of the fun in. There’s always something that needs doing.

Forget the washing, leave your phone, don’t worry about the house being perfect for one day. Connecting with your little ones will really help you feel centred.

Number 3 – A bouquet of flowers.

There is nothing more beautiful than a fresh vase of flowers to brighten up the room. A cheaper yet most loved gift.

Pink carnations are a traditional Mother’s Day flower. Meaning Expressing gratitude.

Brownie points if you remember her favourite flowers!

Recommendation Flower Design of Lichfield

Little boy under the sofa and mum is looking at him under the sofa photographed by petit memories photography in Lichfield

Number 4 – Massage treatment voucher.

I recently used Thai Lotus in Lichfield and it was such an amazing and relaxing experience, it was just what I needed. We’re often running around, picking up endless things off the floor and it really does take a toll on our bodies.

Gifting/treating yourself to this would really help to release any tension, meaning we can power on through the craziness of motherhood.

Recommendation Thai Lotus Massage

Number 5 – A freshly baked treat.

From a box of beautifully decorated cupcakes, to a brownie slab filled with mum’s favourite chocolates or a Mother’s Day afternoon tea box (packed full of goodies to enjoy at home, including a bottle of fizz).

We all know the way to our hearts is chocolate. But don’t be upset if we don’t share! Just kidding, we all know sweet treats don’t last long when little hands are around.

The cosy baker

Number 6 – Lunch at a local restaurant.

Cooking all week is tiring, yet we all do it without a thought. One day off and coming home to a clean kitchen sounds like a dream. It means you have more time to sit and enjoy yourself with your family without rushing to clean up.

Enjoy a glass of fizz too!

A great restaurant in Middleton, located around 15 minutes from Lichfield – called the Fig & Olive. It is one of my favourites Fig & Olive

Number 7 – Photography session.

A gift mums will treasure forever. We often don’t get photos of ourselves with our children, we’re either taking them or feeling too tired to be in them whilst thinking we’re not looking our best (believe me you look amazing and you are the most treasured thing in your child’s eyes).

To look back on those photos when they are all grown up, will be such an incredible memory to hold onto.

Vouchers are available to purchase on my website as a gift or they can be booked in with a deposit.

Getting yourself glammed up, and not wearing that mum bun – believe me, we all rock one from time to time, will make you feel brand new. But even if you are rocking a mum bun in your photos, you are still your child’s world and you still look like a beautiful superwoman.

You can book HERE

Mother’s Day March 19th 2023

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