Newborn session: why it’s important to do your research

What an honour it is to be chosen to photograph such a delicate and precious little bundle at the newborn session.

This I something I am extremely passionate about, and I like to hold myself to the highest of standards from safety to cleanliness, which are both huge musts when being trusted with another person’s baby.

Why it’s important to do your research

Firstly I would recommend for any parent to research into the right photographer for their newborn shoot, to make sure the person handling your little angel is highly experienced and trained.

Once you have decided on your photographer, it is best to book in after your 20-week scan, as your due date can sometimes change (it doesn’t matter if they are born early or late – we all know these beautiful little ones pull all of the strings even before they enter the world).

By doing this it will secure your slot so when your baby does decide to make an arrival, yourself or your birthing partner can get in contact to arrange an exact date and time.

Baby photography Lichfield

What to expect from newborn session

As a mum, any decision you make involving your child can be very daunting, but please be rest assured that your baby will be perfectly safe in my hands. As long as you are happy I will calm, soothe, change (clothing) and take care of your baby every step of the way through-out the shoot, occasionally needing mum or dad to nurse the baby if they do become hungry.

I like to use calming white noise that most baby’s love and a baby shusher – sometimes mum and dad drift off to this also during the session! (Totally deserved nap)

When you arrive at the studio, you will notice it to be nice and toasty at a temperature of 26 degrees, ready for a cosy session. This is due to keeping a familiar environment which recreates where your baby has been all snug in your tummy for the past 9 months, allowing him/her to sleep softly.

With this in mind, I would recommend wearing light clothing along with your change of clothes for the family portraits.

Newborn shoot Lichfield

Let’s talk colours –

I recommend items of clothing, preferably without logos and nothing too bright. Beige, navy, grey,

cream and white all work nicely. Colours that can all be coordinated together.

If you are bringing along older siblings, please be sure to pack a couple of outfits. We can coordinate them nicely with the backdrop, which I have a wide selection to choose from.

I also have options available for a natural lifestyle session, where I would prepare a bed/sofa to create a household room.

Your session lasts around 2 to 3 hours, but we allow up to 4 hours taking into consideration for feeds, changes and different poses if required.

Newborn sessions require a non-refundable deposit of £99 to secure your booking, which will be deducted from your purchases at your viewing appointment. This is where you can choose from a selection of packages including beautiful wall art.

Please keep your eyes peeled for the reveal of my newly built studio – available soon!