4 fun parts of the cake smash & splash photo session

Here in the heart of Lichfield at Petit Memories Photography, I absolutely love planning and photographing special moments.

Celebrate your baby’s precious first birthday & your first year of parenting with a captivating cake smash & splash session to capture the fun of turning one

(How did that happen you must be thinking!)

Your baby turning one is a huge milestone, and sometimes one we just aren’t ready for! Yet seeing their characters flourish and watching them learn new things everyday has got to be one of the most magical parts to parenthood. So why not capture it to treasure forever!

I recommend booking this session 2 weeks before your little ones big day so you have the photos ready. This isn’t a must and can be done at anytime around their birthday.

This session comprises of 4 parts.

Part 1 – Starts with a few shots without the cake to keep nice and clean in their chosen outfit. We can theme our session around your colour scheme giving it a personal touch, offering a wide variety of set ups including colours, decorations & outfits.

Part 2 – We add the cake in so your little one can have some fun and get messy!

Encouraging your baby to start playing with and tasting their yummy cake.

Part 1 & 2 takes no longer than 15 minutes to make sure your newly 1 year old doesn’t lose interest, so we can capture those perfect freeze-frame moments.

(I know what you’re thinking, who could lose interest in cake?)

The cake is provided and made locally so please let me know of any allergies your baby may have so I can accommodate.

Part 3 – The set up is changed for some fun in the tub! Filling a small bath tub with warm water and bubbles, most babies adore this part allowing them to get cosy and splash about with not a care in the world. A perfect way for me to catch those heart-warming giggles.

We can use the same backdrop as before or change to your preference.

(Please let me know of any allergies your baby may have to bubble Bath or if you would like to bring your own along).

Part 4 – Family time (if you wish for photos with siblings/family)

The backdrop is changed to a plain colour so we can capture your beautiful bond. This gives you the chance to show off your baby in an outfit you may have brought along.

Sometimes as parents we are so busy capturing our children that we often forget how important and precious it is to be in those moments too.

Once your little ones tummy is filled with cake and happiness (not to much cake of course) we can arrange a viewing appointment where you are able choose all of your favourite photos. Wall art & albums available to purchase.

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